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Research Projects Examples

With a social justice framework at our core, our small but mighty team 
supports our clients with these benchmarking, evaluations, and field studies. 

Field Study

Mapping Small Arts and Culture Organizations in Oakland

​CERP was commissioned by Akonadi Foundation and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation to address the lack of research on small, grassroots arts and culture organizations serving communities of color in Oakland, California. This project investigates the specificity of this sector of the ecosystem—its geography, existing infrastructure, assets, and challenges. By aggregating and analyzing the limited data on these organizations, interviewing a diverse cohort of stakeholders, and gathering existing research on organizations of color and the informal arts sector, this research project takes a first step toward understanding a complex and vibrant sector that builds social bonds, addresses community needs, and contributes to a strong sense of place in Oakland. This benchmark project will encourage funders to adopt intentional investment strategies to support the long-term stability of this important sector.

Community Engagement

Affordable Housing for Artists in Berkeley

Commissioned by the City of Berkeley, Civic Arts Commission with funding from the Hewlett Foundation CERP completed a baseline survey of affordable housing needs for artists. CERP developed and administered a survey, facilitated focus groups with key community and city stakeholders, and completed a review of relevant literature in order to provide a baseline assessment that will allow the city and philanthropy partners to create systems change solutions aimed at meeting housing needs for artists. 

Recommendations from the final report have been referred to the City Council to be included into ongoing affording housing efforts in Berkeley.

Read more about the findings in local media.

Equity Evaluation & Action Plan

Impact of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Grants Programs

​As part of the  San Francisco Arts Commission’s strategic plan, CERP staff was commissioned to complete an evaluation of the agency’s programs with a specific focus on racial equity.  Working closely with agency staff and community partners, CERP helped draft the agency's racial equity statement and the first racial equity action plan in the City and County of San Francisco.

Impact Evaluation

Racial Equity Impact Assessment of the Chicago Arts Ecosystem

Three years after the June 2020 murder of George Floyd that sparked a racial awakening and led multiple organizations to declare their commitment to
equity, CERP was commissioned by Enrich Chicago to conduct a assessment of the impact of those statements on the lives of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) individuals working for its member organizations, as well as other marginalized communities.

Listen to Dr. Anh Thang Dao-Shah discuss the findings with Nina Sanchez of Enrich Chicago and Craig Dellimore of WBBM Newsradio HERE.


Services We Offer

Creative Equity Research Partners research methods are multidisciplinary – utilizing econometrics, quantitative, and qualitative methods to build powerful analytical tools and conduct thorough evaluations of complex organizations and programs, clarify program inputs and outcomes, and identify efficient and effective program improvements. 

Our analytical skill and innovative approach to complex issues help our clients to take effective action to fulfill their mission and serving their stakeholders.

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