Project | Benchmarking

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Project | Mapping Small Arts and Culture Organizations in Oakland

CERP was commissioned by Akonadi Foundation and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation to address the lack of research on small, grassroots arts and culture organizations serving communities of color in Oakland, California. This project investigates the specificity of this sector of the ecosystem—its geography, existing infrastructure, assets, and challenges. By aggregating and analyzing the limited data on these organizations, interviewing a diverse cohort of stakeholders, and gathering existing research on organizations of color and the informal arts sector, this research project takes a first step toward understanding a complex and vibrant sector that builds social bonds, addresses community needs, and contributes to a strong sense of place in Oakland. This benchmark project will encourage funders to adopt intentional investment strategies to support the long-term stability of this important sector. DOWNLOAD REPORT

Project | Field Study

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Project | The State of Racial Equity Funding Among Grantmakers in the Arts Membership

As part of Grantmakers in the Arts' (GIA) commitment to racial equity, CERP was commissioned to complete a study of the GIA network of philanthropic organizations. The study is designed to capture the current state of racial equity funding within their membership. CERP developed and administered a survey, facilitated interviews, built case studies, and completed a review of relevant literature in order to provide a baseline assessment that will allow GIA to be informed and effective in their work with member organizations to advance racial equity in the sector.

Project | Evaluation

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Project | Evaluating the Impact of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Grants Program (2014)

As part of the  San Francisco Arts Commission’s strategic plan, CERP staff was commissioned to complete an evaluation of the agency’s grants program with a specific focus on cultural equity. Analyzing 19 years of the Agency's grants data across 22 funding categories, CERP identified the strength of the SFAC Grants Program in its explicit policies supporting historically underserved communities and individual artists. In addition, through an intensive community engagement process involving  a town hall presentation, and multiple focus groups with the grantee community and additional stakeholders, CERP distilled recommendations to increase the program’s capacity and efficiently respond to community needs.

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