Creative Equity Research Partners (CERP) is founded and run by women of color who are personally and professionally engaged in art and culture policy work. In our work we prioritize issues of equity, in terms of representation and participation, and we are strongly committed to arts and cultural practice as tools that fuel and support equitable and just community change.


CERP is an organization with embedded and intentional practices and processes in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission is to disrupt the systemic inequities in the arts and cultural sector and develop effective strategies for organizations working to improve access, participation, and outcomes for their stakeholders.


With a social justice framework at our core, our small but mighty team supports our clients with strategic research and policy analysis, media advocacy, policy and program development, leadership development and training, strategic coaching, curriculum design, educational material production, public presentations, and investigative journalism. 


Our research methods are multidisciplinary – utilizing econometrics, quantitative, and qualitative methods to build powerful analytical tools and conduct thorough evaluations of complex organizations and programs, clarify program inputs and outcomes, and identify efficient and effective program improvements. Our analytical skill and innovative approach to complex issues help our clients to take effective action to fulfill their mission and serving their stakeholders.